Monday, April 12, 2010

When hunger strikes!

Note: I am currently writing this blog entry in order to procrastinate while writing my sociology paper, due tomorrow at 2:30pm.  If you do not wish to enable me, stop reading.  If you accept that you will enable me, proceed.

Remember way back when I started this blog (a whole three months ago) and I said that I picked to blog about food because I was particularly hungry at that moment in time?

Well, guess what.  I didn't bring dinner to class again, resulting in me browsing "The Pioneer Woman Cooks" and making mental notes of everything I vow to one day make.  So, instead of making a mental note, I'll make an actual note.  Here.

I also do realize that all of these recipes will require me to run for approximately 6.4 hours straight.  Each.  So, if you make them, too, we can run and lament together.

(Did I mention that I don't really run?)

Things that I would really like to be eating right now:
  1. Biscuits and Gravy.  I've never had biscuits and gravy, and I think that I deserve some, right now.
  2. This delicious sandwich.  It has chicken, bacon, and cheese.  I'm dying.
  3. This other delicious sandwich.  Beef.  Onions.  Wow.
  4. Bacon Cheddar Onion Biscuits.  Again with the biscuits.  I'm clearly not thinking about Joe and his gluten intolerance right now; he's home on Lawn-Guy-Land, he can fend for himself.
  5. Bacon Mac 'n Cheese.  Oh.  My.  Gawd.  I can't handle this.
And I am going to stop there because I don't want to torture you all.  I would also like to note that all of these recipes had bacon, cheese, biscuits, or onions in them.  I think I have a problem.

Because I don't want to torture myself any further, I have also been thinking about what I will actually prepare when I get home at 8:30.  It was inspired by a combo of items 2 and 3.  And I know that I have it in my fridge, which makes me very excited.  If I remember, I'll take pictures when I get home, but be forewarned... I very well may forget.

Dinner tonight will be...
  • Turkey burger (seasoned, of course)
  • Topped with caramelized onions
  • And finished with melted cheddar cheese
No need for condiments, I'm going to presume... the onions and cheese will make up for it.

You're lucky that the bacon at my apartment is frozen right now, or else we may really be in trouble.

Thanks for sticking with me through that hungry little rambling.  The first of the Easter desserts will be posted tomorrow night... so do me a favor and keep dinner light on Wednesday!


  1. Want bacon much?!...

  2. I love how your dinner you'll be making (probably already made) sounds just like something I eat a lot. I love turkey burgers, but when you season them a little and add cheese and carmalized onions...SO GOOD. My boyfriend and I make them all the time!

  3. I'm using your procrastination blog to procrastinate! And also say that, biscuits and gravy are a gift from the heavens, we should try to find some good b&g in the NY area. It will be challenging, but I am up for it.

  4. Kelly, I'm obsessed with turkey burgers now. I sub ground turkey in most things I make now! My father and brother think I'm crazy, but the last time I made chili, I told them it was beef, not turkey. They totally believed me.

    Andrea, I'm always a fan of procrastination, and you really need to introduce me to biscuits and gravy. I think I'm missing out major. Why else do you think I'm living with an Oklahoman?