Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Food, Chicago-style

*Disclaimer: I am not an expert on Chicago-style food.  I am not even close to being an expert on Chicago-style food.  I haven't even been to Chicago.  However, Chicago is taking up all my time this weekend, so I will devote a little time to you... regarding Chicago... now.

I'm very sorry, but I have some bad news.  Get ready... prepare yourself... okay.  I'm not going to be able to post very much this weekend.  There, I said it.  Get out your weeping now.  Done?  Good.  That was tough.

Anyway, I'm currently producing a show with the Mimes and Mummers at Fordham University, which is basically a full-time job in and of itself.  I may be biased, but I have to say that we put on some pretty darn good shows.  This show is called Sexual Perversity in Chicago, a play by David Mamet (he has a show going up on Broadway right now).  With a title like that, we've hit some bumps in the road, but we're very glad that it's here and looking amazing right now.  Check out one of our publicity designs:

If you're free this weekend, come join me!  It's FREE for Fordham students Thursday night!  The title is SEXUAL PERVERSITY; who doesn't want to see that?  Plus, we can hang out.  It'll be fun.

Okay, now that you've endured that shameless plug, back to the food.  So, what is there in Chicago, food-wise?  Well...
  • Chicago-style pizza: Probably the most well-known Chicago food, Chicago-style deep dish pizza was actually created by Pizzeria Uno (which is now a chain!).  Chicago-style can also refer to stuffed pizza, which looks similar to deep-dish but has more toppings in it.  The funny thing is that, if you go to Chicago, most pizzerias serve thin-crust pizza!  Lou Malnati's Pizzeria is 
  • Chicago-style hot dogs: An all-beef hot dog on a poppy-seed bun topped with mustard, onion, sweet pickle relish, a dill pickle spear, tomato slices, celery salt, and pickled sport peppers.  This is certainly an interesting combo - but I love pickles, so maybe I'd like it!
  • Italian beef: I saw this on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives once!  It consists of thinly shaved seasoned roast beef that is submerged in a rich beef broth and served on a roll.  Depending on what establishment you go to, sometimes the entire sandwich is dipped in the broth afterward, as well.
  • Maxwell Street Polish Sausage : This type of sausage is a spicier version of traditional Polish sausage.  It was originated in Chicago in the 1930's and is sold at lots of vendors and restaurants around the city.
  • Eli's Cheesecake: This was originally made for Eli's Steak House in the 1980's and has survived despite the closing of the steakhouse in 2005.  A fun fact: Eli's made a 500-pound cheesecake for Obama's inaugural ball!
  • Taste of Chicago: This ten day festival takes place right around the Fourth of July each year, and it's the largest food festival in the world.  Because Chicago does have a diverse culinary culture, the festival features Chicago favorites and world cuisine all at once.  Different restaurants participate, and it is free to enter Grant Park and peruse the stands.  Musicians also perform on multiple stages.  If it weren't so expensive to fly to Chicago, this would be an Undergrad Gourmet's dream!
Man, this foray into Chicago food makes me want to go there and eat some of it!  Joe has been to Chicago, and he absolutely loved it, despite the chilly weather and the fact that he had to fly to get there.  Yes, that's right - Joe hates to fly.  He's crazy, you know that?

So, pick up a piece of pizza or a hot dog (or better yet - make 'em yourself) and come to SEXUAL PERVERSITY IN CHICAGO, performing April 22 - 25th!  For more information, see the poster above.  See you all there!

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