Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Got the "Munchiez?"

Oh, I know that all of you undergrads out there know what today is.  Yes, it's April 20th, or four-twenty, one of the most stereotypical college days of the year.  In honor of this holiest of undergrad days, I'm going to talk about a new establishment here in the Bronx that is really every undergrad's holy grail.  It's called... Munchiez.

Man, has this place been long awaited here at Fordham!  The sign has been painted since last semester, I believe, and it already has 545 fans on its Facebook page since the end of March.  From what I have heard, the owner is a former Fordham grad who decided that he wanted to have food available late at night that wasn't just pizza (sorry, Pugsley's and Bellini's - I love ya, but sometimes I just want a burger).  So, he created Munchiez.

Now, I expected this place to have all of the classic "cravings" food - burgers, fries, nachos, chicken fingers, whatever.  But this menu goes past what you would expect with its page of "Fat Sandwiches."  Just take a look here:

Are you kidding me?  There is a sandwich with chicken fingers, cheese steak (which is made with Cheez Whiz, by the way), mozzarella sticks, french fries, bbq sauce, lettuce, and tomato ALL ON THE SANDWICH!!  In fact, my friend Taylor ordered it the other night.  His reaction?  The sandwich was gone in six minutes flat.

Another thing that I was not expecting is on this page:

FRIED CANDY???  I've seen this before, at the local Four-Town Fair (small-town living has its perks), but this was absolute genius to put on a menu.  For the record, I have tried both a fried Milky Way and a fried PB&J before, and both were delicious.  Believe it or not, Joe has too... before we found out that he and gluten did not mix well.

Perhaps the best idea that Munchiez had was to completely cater to the undergrad population by enabling text-message ordering.  You can, in fact, text message your entire order to Munchiez, and they will reply with your order number and how long it will take.  When Taylor went to pick up the food the other night, he asked the owner more about it.  There is a machine that records the text message and signals that there is an order.  If the restaurant is too busy and nobody reads the order within two minutes, the machine automatically sends a message back to you saying that you should try again.  That way, you never have to wonder whether your message was received or not!

I really think that Munchiez is going to do well with the Fordham population; it is already a sensation among the student body.  I hope that opening in the spring, when everyone is about to go home, won't hurt it at all, just because its main source of income is leaving this summer.  However, I have faith that Munchiez will be there when I return in the fall!

You can become a fan of Munchiez on Facebook.

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