Thursday, April 15, 2010

One of those days...

So, you know when you have one of those days when everything's just a little more stressful at work than it normally is?  Where nothing is particularly bad, but you're reaching into the candy bowl at 11:30am and you feel like you've been looking at the computer screen for your whole life?  So much so that your eyes start bugging out because you just can't focus on a singly Excel spreadsheet cell?

Well, it was one of those days today.  Therefore, dinner was some straightforward pasta and sauce (actually, I made the sauce from scratch a couple of months ago and froze it... it was delish!  I'll give you the recipe when it's not "one of those days") and I can't bring myself to finish the last Easter post right about now.  I swear, it's almost done... just needs a little bit more tweaking.

While you're waiting on baited breath for the strawberry cheesecake post, I'll leave you with this:

It's the pasta we used tonight!  It's the best GF pasta I've found to date (I ate it instead of making my own batch... again, one of those days) and it's made completely of brown rice.  Literally, the ONLY ingredient is brown rice flour!  I'm not exactly how that works, but it does, and it cooks quickly.  Lundberg Farms has some other great products (risotto, flour, couscous, lots of stuff!) that I want to check out soon, too.  You should too!

Cheesecake recipe post tomorrow... promise!


  1. That gluten free pasta tastes good? I have a good friend who used to have to eat everything gluten free and most things tasted kinda like cardboard (to me), but I suppose they must improve these things...I have trouble even eating wheat pasta over the normal kind though, so I guess I'm kinda picky.

  2. Yeah, it actually does taste good! It's because its all rice, not some weird combination of gluten free flours (or whatever). It does taste a little bit like whole wheat pasta, though... but definitely not cardboard, I'd say!