Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring weekend celebration: Sangria

In honor of spring weekend, I decided to make a nice spring/summer beverage for my friends.  It's light, it's fruity, and it serves a lot of people (on a budget!).  This Spanish drink is sangria, and let's just cut to the chase... here's the recipe.

What you'll need:
  • A bottle of red wine
  • Apple juice
  • A lemon
  • An orange
  • Apple(s)
  • Pear(s)
How to make it:

Mix together a bottle of wine and apple juice.  Take a really grainy picture of the wine and apple juice, mixed together.  I used a 1.5 liter bottle of red wine and about 45 oz. of apple juice.  Then, let it sit overnight.

The next day, grab a lemon and an orange.  Wash them well because everything's going to go into your drink!

Let's do the lemon first.  Cut off the ends.  These don't belong here.

Then, cut it up into thin slices.  You want lots of lemon in your sangria!

Have your roommate put them into the wine/apple juice mixture because she's really excited to make it too.

Now we'll do the orange the same way.  Bye-bye ends.

Slice slice slice 'n dice!

And add the oranges.  Make sure you stir them a little, then stick the bowl back in the fridge for three hours.

Wooo, look at the color of those oranges and lemons!  That's an excellent sign.

Now, we're going to work with our pear and apples.  I like more apples, so I decided to use two.  Just like the oranges and lemons, wash them well.

Then, cutting around the core, chop your apple into medium-sized chunks.  You want them big enough that people can munch on them afterward, but not so big that they'll be a bother.

Into the bowl!

Do the same with the pear...

Into the bowl too!  Just stir... and it's ready to go!  Beware of antsy friends who want to get their hands on your sangria.

But they do make for great photography subjects.

Have a great spring/summer day!


  1. Yummmmmyyy. I love Sangria. Nice recipe, it sounds really easy and not too expensive to make!

  2. Om my gosh, YUM. I wish I had done this for SW! (really is just classier jungle juice)

  3. I made Sangria as well...great choice!

  4. Haha well let me tell you, I'd better find a good way to store it because we have a TON left! I think that if we take out the fruit and seal it well, it will stay good for awhile.

    Katelynn, how did yours turn out?