Friday, March 19, 2010

Do you love The Pioneer Woman yet? Well, then, I have good news!

As I was surfing around some blogs today, I came upon an article that said something too good to be true!  At this point, everyone should be aware that I have a sick obsession with The Pioneer Woman cooking blog by Ree Drummond.  As much as I love thinking about living in an apartment in the city, living the hip life and running around to upscale events every night, part of me wants to do the complete opposite and take after Ree!

You see, Ree was once a twenty-something city girl, much like I am (except she was in the other "city" - L.A.) just trying to make her way up in the posh lifestyle to make the big bucks someday.  She claims that she wore black heels to work everyday and ate way too expensive food with business execs.  I'm not sure if that's where I'm headed right now... but it's quite possible.

Well, on her way from L.A. to Chicago to start a great new life, Ree stopped over in her home state of Oklahoma for a visit.  And there she met... Marlboro Man.  It was love at first sight and next thing she knew, Ree was married to a rancher, herding four children and writing an incredibly successful website for people like me to read every day.

Does it sound like a movie to you?  It certainly does to me, and my friends say that my life resembles a movie sometimes.  But that's a story for another time.

Well, guess what?  It IS going to be a movie!!!  According to an article on Deadline New York, Columbia Pictures just picked up the rights to Ree's story and will reportedly produce a movie based on it in the near future.  A book detailing the story, written by Ree, is also scheduled to be released next Valentine's Day.  Now, what's a better gift for your sweetie than that?

If you're itching to hear the whole story in the meantime, read Black Heels to Tractor Wheels on Ree's website.  It's written in blog entry format, so it should also be an interesting read for all of you bloggers out there.  Happy reading, and if you want to join in on a midnight release party for the movie (about two or three years from now), you know where to find me!

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