Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chili Extravaganza: In Photos

Although I originally made chili at the beginning of last week and forgot to take photos, you're all in luck!  Because I don't want my parents and brother to eat out every night between now and Easter break (which is only a week and a half), I made some food to freeze for them.  And one of those recipes was... chili!  Of course, since I was making food to freeze for my family, I just had to make a batch for myself as well.

That's how easy it is!  I can make two batches, no problem!

This time, I made a mental note to take pictures, and I even borrowed my brother's fancy camera to see what I could do.  Some of the pictures are dark, but I hope you can enjoy the chili goodness as much as I did!

Throw the ground turkey right into the pan and separate it with a spatula

Browned turkey!  Time to drain and throw into the pot

After rinsing out the pan, add in your chopped onions

If you have garlic monstrosities like I did, it's better to use two, rather than three

If you don't have one of these, go out and buy it right now!
It's a garlic crusher, and it will save your fingers lots of garlic-smelling agony

Add in your garlic until it's all soft
(It's in there, I swear)
Then add it into the pot with the turkey

Into the pot goes two cups of salsa (I chose medium spiciness)

Then add two cans of kidney beans
(Make sure you rinse and drain them, first!)

Now, this is the stuff you want for the tomatoes
"With Garlic and Olive Oil"
(Please ignore the 3-D photo)

That's what it'll look like when you add the whole can in, juice and all

And of course we couldn't forget this important ingredient...
Chili powder!
(2 tablespoons will give you a little kick without being too spicy)

      Cover it to simmer and resist the tempation to eat it now

And since this batch is for ME....

What are those little yellow kernels I see?...

YES... It's CORN!

What a beautiful sight.

And there you have it, folks.  If the previous entry didn't convince you to try this recipe out, these pictures should.  I'm even trying to improve on my photography skills to make it look more appetizing.  Until next time...

Wait... How did that sneak in there???
(He's quite adorable, don't you think?)

Happy spring, and keep cookin'!


  1. So many pictures! I love it!
    Looks like you are catching up and cooking a lot more!

    PS: Meant to tell you that one of the Ecuadorian families that we visited made English/Spanish Ecuadorian cookbooks, so I bought one for my mom (but i'll probably keep!) so lets look into it and make something good.

  2. I cooked every single night at home! I'm looking forward to Easter so that I can cook again.

    Don't give the cookbook to your Mom until we can look at it! I'm so excited to try something new... what kind of food did you eat when you were down there? Did you like it?