Monday, February 22, 2010

"Sau-fried" Asparagus

I don’t like to eat fried food.  Well, who are we kidding here?  I love fried food.  But I always feel terrible after, so I try not to eat it that much.  Except on long weekends.  And after 1am.  I’m such a sucker.

One of my healthier food weaknesses is asparagus, but it can be a little bitter if you don’t cook it well.  So, on Valentine’s Day, when Joe brought out the asparagus, I knew the meal was going to be delish.  He doesn’t eat fried food at all, so he made them in a cross between sautéed and fried – or, what I like to call, “sau-fried!”

Here you have it… Sau-fried Fresh Asparagus.

What you’ll need:
  • Fresh asparagus
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Seasoned salt
  • Garlic powder
  • Onion powder
  • Paprika
  • Pepper
  • Any other spices you like!
How to make it:

1)  Prep the asparagus by washing it and cutting off any really hard parts at the bottom.  Don’t get rid of too much, though!

2)  Drizzle a little olive oil over the asparagus, just enough to coat the stalks.  Put some in a nonstick pan, too – enough to cover the bottom of the pan.

3)  Sprinkle a good amount of the spices over the asparagus (it depends on your taste whether you want more or less).  Toss with your hands to coat.

4)  Once the oil is heated up (over medium heat) put the asparagus in the pan in a single layer.  You want to make sure all of the asparagus is in oil!

5)  Keep checking the asparagus while it’s in the oil with a spatula until it has wilted some and it really soft.  It will be “droopy” and crunchy all at the same time once you let it sit on a plate! 

WARNING: You may be tempted to eat these with your hands.  That is MORE than fine, but make sure you don’t burn yourself!

Recipe Review:

YUM YUM YUM!  I love sau-frying these asparagus stalks because it’s part crunchy and part soft and wilty.  They aren’t quite “asparagus fries,” but they’re different from sautéed asparagus, too.  Seriously, I could eat these every day, and if I got to the grocery store enough, I might.

Since we’re talking about becoming undergrad gourmets, here, I decided to try a different rating system.  Therefore, I give this recipe an A+!

For next time…
I wouldn’t change anything!  But maybe you want to try a little spice with cayenne or chili powder, if you’re daring like that.  Don’t give that idea to Joe… then I’ll have to make it for myself!


  1. Joe was still able to eat this?! Yum yum yum. I will have to tell my mom about this recipe. She lovessss asparagus!

  2. It is seriously so good. And yes, he can eat it because there's no butter, just olive oil. I was so disappointed to see that my asparagus was bad when I got back from the weekend; now I'm going to have to buy MORE!

  3. My roommate and I currently live in O'Hare and definitely want to live in Walsh next year, so I definitely need to start learning how to cook better. Your posts have been so interesting and informative!

  4. I'm glad you like it! Walsh kitchens make it difficult to cook, I will say, especially when you are sharing them, but it's nice to have that option. Last semester, I had a commuter plan, but I never used it, so now I just cook all the time!